Croajingolong National Park – Shipwreck Creek to Seal Creek Hike

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We acknowledge that we walk on Bidawal and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero Country, and offer our respect to Elders past and present.

The sound of the rolling waves makes for a good night sleep at Shipwreck camping ground. We woke refreshed and ready to walk. Down to the beach, through the creek and across the heathlands. The three hour return walk saw us nearly stumble on two snake, beautiful creatures. Be sure to bush walk with a first aid kit. Mobile reception is dodgy in this part of the land. FYI first aid procedures for snake bites can be found here. The isolation of the wide open beach at Seal Creek calls for a skinny dip, but take care – the water is wild! For details on how to get to Shipwreck Creek press here

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pace slow we quicken

a cold heart crossing

the sun dust indented


it scares us to be so

far into the heath

we choose a branch


and wander

and wonder


through the grass

some old curse




By Rebecca Sullivan


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Croajinolong National Park

With respect to Elders past and present, we acknowledge that we walk on Bidawal and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero Countryimg_23801

Small coves with rocky headlands in our heart, our heads full of heathlands and wild flowers, we roll down white dunes to immerse in the waters of wide open beaches.Find Croajingolong National Park 450km east of Melbourne or 500km south of Sydney. Located in the far east corner of Victoria, the Park’s name is derived from the Australian Aboriginal Krauatungalan words gulling, meaning “belonging to” and Kraua, meaning “east”. The coastal park is met by the Tasman Sea of the Pacific Ocean. The scenery is spectacular and varied.

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For Shipwreck Creek to Seal Creek Hike Press Here

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Croajingolong National Park – Shipwreck Creek Camping Gound

With respect to Elders past and present, we acknowledge that we walk on Bidawal and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero Country


We enjoyed a spectacular drive into Croajinolong National Park on our way home from Sydney. Our first destination – Shipwreck Creek campground.

To get to Shipwreck Creek campground go to the township of Mallacoota. it took us about  30 minutes on the bumpy Betka Rd 4WD track. Others appeared to have made it to the campsite without a 4WD, but I was happy to be in the Jackaroo. I wouldn’t recommend going without 4WD on wet days. With only five sites, The size of Shipwreck campground appealed.We set up on site 5 –  it had a private fire pit (only sites 4 and 5 do). The facilities were basic but the toilets were clean.

If you’re travelling with mates, Book sites 4 and 5. The two sites are next to each other, together they make for a large private site; they are also close to the beach access track.

don’t forget insect repellant – the mozzies were  bitey!

Book a site at Shipwreck Creek here

After a stroll on the wild beach, we settled in to a quiet jam, then with a class of chardonnay in hand, let the fire and the sounds of the night mesmerise us.