Croajinolong National Park

With respect to Elders past and present, we acknowledge that we walk on Bidawal and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero Countryimg_23801

Small coves with rocky headlands in our heart, our heads full of heathlands and wild flowers, we roll down white dunes to immerse in the waters of wide open beaches.Find Croajingolong National Park 450km east of Melbourne or 500km south of Sydney. Located in the far east corner of Victoria, the Park’s name is derived from the Australian Aboriginal Krauatungalan words gulling, meaning “belonging to” and Kraua, meaning “east”. The coastal park is met by the Tasman Sea of the Pacific Ocean. The scenery is spectacular and varied.

See links below for details on great adventures, camping, bush walks, and more at Croajinalong

For Shipwreck Creek to Seal Creek Hike Press Here

For More On Shipwreck Creek Camping Ground Press Here



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