By David Malouf

One of those sovereign days that might seem never

intended for the dark: the sea’s breath deepens

from oyster-shell to inky, blue upon blue,

heaped water, crowded sky. This is the day,

we tell ourselves, that will not end, and stroll

enchanted through it’s moods as if we shared

its gift and were immortal…

IMG_2320 (1)Earth Hour – Poems by David Malouf – can be purchased here


When you’re next out in nature, on a bush walk, in the back yard or at a park near by, look around, smell, hear, even taste the air, then take your note book, a pen, or even tap the words of what you sense into your device. What is in the distance? What is up close? What is under your feet? What is it you feel inside your body? Keep writing, if you get stuck in thoughts past and future, come back to the present and sense, and write. Later, when you have a quiet moment at home, read what you have written, sit in silence with images and the sensations of nature. 

Click on the links below for some examples of nature poems:

small things


Autumn Haiku


Hanging Rock


Mountain Ash

Dandelion clock


If you would like to contribute a nature poem please contact us:


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